Tax Investigation

Tax Trouble?

MHA Moore and Smalley’s tax investigation team has been set up to deal with any HMRC enquiry or investigation into your business or private affairs, including:

  • Full business investigation
  • PAYE and VAT inspections
  • Technical enquiries
  • Undisclosed income
  • Civil investigation of fraud

HM Revenue & Customs employ specialists to carry out tax investigations. HMRC has been tasked by the government to raise an extra £7bn a year from tax investigations, and are on a mission to meet that target. It is essential to use specialists to defend yourself against HMRC.

At MHA Moore and Smalley, we have the experience and expertise to make sure that HMRC do not assess tax that is not properly due, and to minimise settlements where tax has been underpaid. With an eye for detail and long experience of HMRC tactics, our team of tax investigation specialists will deal with tax enquiries effectively and efficiently. We aim to close cases as soon as is practical, with the minimum outlay to you.

Contact David Bennett 01772 821021 or Rachel Marsdin 01524 62801 in the first instance.

Professional Fee Protection

The tax authorities do not have to give a reason for opening enquiries into your tax affairs. In fact, there are thousands of random enquiries every year.

Our tax investigation service covers the professional fees necessary to deal with such investigations. Fees can run into thousands of pounds and our clients have the peace of mind knowing that, should an enquiry happen, they will be fully represented and that all associated fees will be taken care of.

Please contact Rachael Dagger on 01772 821021 or click here for further information.

Covid 19 Pandemic

Following the recent Covid-19 pandemic we have developed a dedicated hub with the latest information to help sustain and support businesses during this challenging time. If you would like further information on a particular area then please get in touch with one of our specialists, or email