Professional Fee Protection

Tax investigations are on the increase with individuals and companies alike being targeted and under more scrutiny than ever.

Investigations are stressful, time-consuming and costly for the party involved. At MHA Moore and Smalley, we want to make sure that you have the benefit of our skill and experience of dealing with HMRC, but without the risk of incurring substantial costs. That is why we offer a Tax Investigation service which covers you against the cost of professional fees in defending you. Scroll down to find out about this service and how it can protect you.

What is Professional Fee Protection?

Professional Fee Protection covers you against the cost of any professional fees that you incur as a result of being investigated by HMRC.

Tax investigations are time consuming, complex and stressful. You will require specialist advice from us during an enquiry. The more complex your case the greater the amount of time and resource we will need to dedicate to you.

Unfortunately professional fees can run into thousands of pounds. At MHA Moore and Smalley, we want to protect you from this burden, and that’s why we recommend that our clients take out our Professional Fee Protection service. This services ensures that our work in dealing with HMRC enquiries can be carried out without additional fees being incurred. It’s quick and easy to get covered and costs a fraction of the average investigation.

What happens during an investigation?

HMRC can investigate any taxpayer, both individuals and businesses are at risk.

Tax Investigations can last for many months, even years. During that time, HMRC may require any information that is considered relevant to your tax position, as well as the usual books and records. We have come across many instances where HMRC officers run arguments that have little or no merit, but will result in thousands of pounds of tax being sought – unless their arguments are properly countered.

It is therefore vital that you seek professional representation from the outset of an HMRC enquiry. Our tax investigation service will cover the cost of our fees as well as providing you with access to our experts , who have years of experience of dealing with HMRC, and who know their tactics.

What is included?

There are many types of HMRC enquiry and investigation, including:

  • Full investigation into the business
  • Aspect Enquiries into specific matters, such as capital gains, deductible expenses or capital allowances
  • VAT and PAYE inspections, and ensuing disputes
  • National Living Wage checks
  • IR35

However, please note that certain matters are not covered by this Service, such as matters relating to fraud and marketed tax avoidance schemes. Please see our Terms and Conditions sheet for details. We will be pleased to quote separately for work that is not covered by our Professional Fee Protection Service.

You will be covered for HMRC enquiries that are commenced at any time when you have subscribed and paid for the Service, and we are your tax return agent.

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