Strategic Advisory

Does it ever feel like you spend all your time working in your business rather than on it?

You might be surprised at how common that feeling is.

At MHA Moore and Smalley we have a process that will enable you to lift yourself up and above the day to day ‘head down’ operational issues swishing around in your business and allow, and force, you to identify, prioritise and focus upon the strategic challenges and opportunities which it faces.

This programme is called Growth+

Growth+ is a business decision making support process. It provides tailored, cost effective and practical solutions to you, your management team and your business.

The programme is most often structured as a series of workshops for owner managers and their key personnel.

The workshops are bespoke to your business and allow you to identify, clarify, focus and act in order to successfully grow your business.

The sessions focus on the future; what your business could become and how it is going to get there. The roadmap which results is broken down into short term steps which are clear, concise, achievable and – crucially – have been identified by you.

The Growth+ programme allows you to step outside of the business and take a ‘helicopter view’. With the support of MHA Moore and Smalley we can also assist you in the implementation of your actions that are agreed in the sessions.

Examples of recent projects we have run are as follows;

  • Clarifying strategic goals using a ‘Now Where How’ approach
  • Using our profitable growth model to identify where the business might best focus its efforts and attention to generate its own sustainable development
  • Investigating how a business operates on a day to day basis in order to highlight where changes can be made to create simplicity and generate profit improvements
  • Helping the business tackle the challenge of succession planning and leadership development
  • Helping businesses achieve a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Dealing with key or difficult issues
  • Coaching, developing people and embedding the right culture

Unlike many other support programmes, Growth+ does not have a one size fits all approach. It is bespoke and tailored to your situation. It works.

If you think your business performance can improve but amidst maintaining customer relationships and dealing with meetings, phone calls, e-mails and crises, you find it difficult to know how to begin, then your business will benefit from a fresh perspective and our business advisory services.

Its team of trusted advisers not only provides a full range of financial compliance services, but develops creative solutions for improved growth and profitability, business planning, personal and strategic goals and funding.