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SE+ is a new style of digital accounting for anyone that is self-employed and for forward thinking small enterprises. It blends trusted business advice with the very best in cloud-based accounting software.

What is SE+?

Unlike many cloud-based accountancy services, our SE+ service includes a dedicated MHA Moore and Smalley adviser, meaning that clients benefit from the very best in cloud-based accountancy software and trusted advice.

Our SE+ software is powered by global accountancy software giant, Intuit QuickBooks, and has a comprehensive number of features allowing business owners, and/or their finance team, to manage their business finances on the go, anywhere, anytime and through any device.

With our bookkeeping add on, you can leave MHA to deal with bank reconciliations, invoices, receipts, bills and VAT returns. We will even send regular snap shots of how your business is doing.

Who is SE+ for?

SE+ is suitable for all start-ups as well as established and growing businesses.

More businesses fail in the first two years than at any other time and it is important for start- up businesses to be in control of their finances from day one. Not only does SE+ help control cashflow, it also enables the business to make timely decisions and have financial information available should they need to raise finance to help future growth.

For established businesses, the service allows the business to become more efficient with its finance function allowing more time for owners to focus on improving profitability. Our client relationship managers are proactive and we have specialists in many sectors including healthcare, hospitality & leisure, charity & not for profit, and professional firms.

For growing businesses the service allows up-to-date information to be available to aid with cashflow management and raising finance. Reliable management information is a prerequisite for banks and other finance providers. With our corporate finance team and tax experts we can help you make more money and hold on to as much of it as possible.

With SE+ you have access to all the knowledge and expertise from the wider firm in a new modern format.

SE+ Features

Quickbooks Online software is cloud based which means you can access your financial information from wherever you have internet access. The software works on PC’s, laptops, tablets, iPhones, android phones, iPads and even the Apple Watch. With bank level encryption, your data is safe.

With its integration with online banking, along with other fantastic features, Quickbooks Online can save hours of bookkeeping for even the smallest of businesses. Send your quotes and invoices instantly from your phone or check the latest profit levels in three clicks. You are in control of your finances freeing up more of your time to concentrate on what you are best at – running your business.


Cloud technology

Access up-to-date figures, anytime, anywhere and on any device to enable you to stay in control of your finances.

Intelligent bank reconciliation

Bank transactions are automatically imported into the system and recurring transactions remembered. Simply click on ‘Add’ to reconcile the transaction or match to allocate new items. The system can cope with Multi-currency at no extra cost.

Home page functions

The home page allows you to see your current income levels along with how many invoices are outstanding and how many are overdue. The home page also shows your expenses for the last 30 days, quarter or year, along with profitability.

Stock control

There is a simple stock control area within the system to allow stock levels to be reviewed daily making sure you never hold too much stock or run out of stock. Add on’s are available for more complex stocking systems.

VAT reporting

The system computes your VAT liability as you input data and you can check the expected liability at anytime to allow you to cope with any unexpectedly large VAT payments.

Powerful reporting

Excellent, easy to produce reports, allow you to stay in control of finances. Report against prior years or against budget and do it at any point in the month. The company snap shot shows you up to the minute performance in terms of profitability but also gives you a summary of who owes you money and who you owe money to.


Simple invoicing

Raise invoices, estimates and quotes from anywhere on any device. See up-to-date details on who owes you what. What’s more, turn estimates and quotes into invoices within a few clicks and save time re-entering the information. The estimates and quotes can be amended at any time. You can even set up predetermined services and products with fixed prices to improve efficiency.

Powerful reporting

Excellent, quick to produce reports, allow you to stay on top of your credit control function. Easily change reporting periods so you can track overdue invoices. You can also review how much you have sold to individual customers over any given period of time

Track employee time

Turn on time tracking and invoice customers based on hours worked, or simply use the time tracking to record where people are spending their time.


Capture expenses on the move

Upload receipts for on-the-go expenses as and when you want with the upload function on the android, iphone and tablet apps. Never miss another expense again.

Keeping on top of bills

Enter bills and set due dates. The supplier area will clearly show when invoices are overdue.

Intelligent bank reconciliation

With a few clicks you can easily add in missed expenses direct from the bank transactions area which simplifies the bank reconciliation process.

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