Payroll Solutions

Outsourcing your payroll to us will allow you to have more time & resource which can be utilised more efficiently elsewhere within your business. 

Managing the payroll process for employees is one of the most important undertakings of any employer and with the many changes to the payroll function, it is becoming increasingly complex and arduous.

We offer a fully comprehensive payroll service, tailored to your requirements and managed within our team of 21 qualified and dedicated Payroll Client Managers.


We always keep a watch on the latest technological advances to continuously enhance the service we provide to our clients.

We have recently migrated our payrolls to Paycircle, a modern, cloud payroll & pension management platform.  Payrolls can be processed automatically every month by the Paycircle automation engine, freeing up valuable time for our payroll team to focus on proactively advising clients on a range of payroll issues.

Access your information anytime

One of the benefits to our clients from our migration over to Paycircle is the functionality to allow everyone to work collaboratively and in ‘real-time’ to access the information they need, when they need it.

User friendly

The Paycircle has a user friendly interface which is clean and simple to use for employers, to help make sure that your payroll bureau and you, as a client, enjoy the experience and transition to a new way of working easily and smoothly.

Secure personal portal

Each client has their own portal where they can upload information, view information and download information at any time. All the data is in one central place (a single source of truth) and is not being sent or received over email or via online file transfer tools. Plus, all information is stored against each relevant pay run so that it’s easy to find historic information any time too. From a data protection and data security prospective, this is the most ideal and appropriate way to work in modern times.

Paycircle is a true cloud web application hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform which, amongst other technical benefits, provides security, reliability, scalability and speed. Working collaboratively in the cloud with Paycircle is secure, fast, accurate and easy.


To offer further peace of mind to our clients, we are BACSTEL-IP accredited, and are required to meet stringent criteria, with triennial inspections to ensure these are maintained.

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What outsourced payroll services do you provide?

Calculation of static and variable information

Calculation of Statutory payments



Forms P45/New starter checklist

Processing Student Loans, Pension deductions and Attachment of Earnings

Provision of standard reports in Excel, PDF or Word

Submission of Real Time Information reports to HMRC

Optional payroll services include: 

A selection of Auto Enrolment service levels

Advanced reporting facility

BACS facility to enable payments to be made direct to your employees & third parties

Payrolling Benefits in Kind

Clients are appointed a dedicated Payroll Client Manager, building up an excellent working relationship and a smooth payroll operation.

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