Expert Witness

We are experienced in acting as an Expert Witness or Single Joint Expert in a large number of complex valuation cases. Our Forensic Services team will prepare robust Expert Reports to withstand the high level of scrutiny required by the Civil Family and Criminal Courts to be admitted as evidence in a valuation matter.

In order to accurately value a business, we recognise the need for a detailed and probing understanding of a business and its core records. We independently evaluate the strength of figures provided by management and the reasoning behind them; not accepting representations made on face value.

Alex Kelly is a Member of the Academy of Experts in recognition of his expertise in share and business valuation, and our valuation work is undertaken in accordance with standards set by the International Valuation Standards Council (IVSC).

We undertake thorough market and industry research with reference to empirical data and sector specific knowledge, and do not rely on a standard or pro-forma valuation technique which we believe does not provide an accurate valuation of a business.

Our Forensic Services team are specialists in contentious valuation matters including complex business arrangements and intangible assets, providing the Court with invaluable assistance in setting out the basis for valuation and the Expert opinion.

An Expert valuation provides a report which can be relied upon to achieve a fair and suitable settlement in dispute cases, by recognising that our underlying duty is to the Court and not to the end client.