Business Grooming & Exit Planning

  • What is my business worth?
  • How can I improve the value of my business?
  • When should I exit from the business?

A business owner should always have an idea of what their end-game is, but these best intentions often fall victim to ‘events’.

But this can be risky when it comes to selling your business. We have helped many clients critically assess their business and then form a view on the enhancement necessary to improve its eventual attractiveness to potential acquirers.

In order to assist owners in planning for their future exit, we have developed the Business Exit Strategy (BESt) review. It reviews your corporate and personal objectives, identifies aspects of the business which require pre-sale grooming, appraises the various exit routes available to you (such as business sales, MBO or MBI). Concluding with an assessment of your personal financial situation and the required level of income you receive post exit.

When family succession is the goal, an exit needs careful planning to ensure that any funds extracted from the business do not fatally weaken it: and that the successor(s) have built up the relevant experience and skills to be able to take the business forward.

Completing a review is an achievement – but to create real value for the owner its recommendations need to be implemented. We will be there to provide support, or indeed to lead, this implementation.