Grant Audits

Many businesses are unaware that when they apply for a grant, there are often stipulations and conditions built into the agreement that need to be abided by.

One of these is the requirement to have a grant audit undertaken by an accountant, who holds the requisite professional qualifications. If this is not completed, then part, or all of the funding will be withheld until the grant audit report, normally called the Accountant’s Report, is received.

The Accountant’s Report normally needs to be submitted at predetermined points during the project. For the majority of grant offering bodies this is dependent upon the monetary size of the grant.

Specialist Team

MHA Moore and Smalley has a dedicated team who specialise in conducting grant audits, so we have an in-depth understanding of the eligibility conditions covering a wide variety of grants and their funding providers.

We also have a wide experience across business sectors, and as such we can identify issues or anomalies that may arise in the funding agreement.

All of this means that we can undertake any grant audit efficiently and effectively, resulting in our fee quotations being very competitive.

What do our clients say about us?

“MHA Moore and Smalley have provided an excellent service when performing grant audits for us. The work is conducted efficiently to ensure that any deadlines imposed by the grant offering bodies are met. We will use MHA Moore & Smalley for future grant audits if we are to receive any more going forward.”