If your audit is a statutory requirement you may well view it as a necessary evil which adds no value to your business. At MHA Moore and Smalley we take a different view; whilst we tick all of the regulatory boxes, our approach is to make the audit process a positive one for your business.

We can identify potential risks, help improve business performance and recommend opportunities for growth. As part of our audit solution we will:

  • Plan work based on our discussions with you, our knowledge of the business, its activities and environment, and our experience of the sector.
  • Agree the audit plan to meet your requirements, set the timescale and key dates.
  • Carry out an independent review of your business and advise you on systems and controls.
  • Ensure that your financial statements are compliant and well presented and create a positive impact.
  • Utilise the latest technology in auditing and accounts production software.
  • Provide you with a comprehensive management letter, which summarises the audit findings.
  • Meet with you to discuss the audit and highlight the risks and opportunities that our process has identified.
  • Our approach is supportive and proactive – we want to help you through the process!

Inflo: the purpose built cloud based software providing a revolutionary new audit experience

As part of our audit process we are able to offer our clients the option to share information and upload audit deliverables to a secure cloud based portal provided by Inflo Software Limited.   We use the software to deliver a more focused, innovative and ultimately more value added audit than the standard approach.

Stay secure and connected

Providing information to us is easy. Inflo connects directly to your accounting system and extracts key financial data, meaning your team have to run up to 30% fewer year end reports.  ISO 27001 cloud portal keeps your data safe and secure.

Trust intelligent & risk-focused analysis

Our intelligent algorithms, which analyse 100% of transactions, give an informed view of potential fraud risks and inconsistencies against comparable peers.

Be efficient and flexible

Make duplicate requests, miscommunication and audit inefficiencies a thing of the past. Inflo allows you to provide information when it is available, smoothing out the year end audit process. This gives you the flexibility to fit the audit around other commitments and minimise the disruption to your team.

Dashboards provide full visibility of the audit status and upcoming deadlines. Filters identify actions required and mobile devices can even be used to effortlessly upload information.

Have access to insightful & valuable data

Inflo delivers you valuable benchmarking dashboards, comparing key performance indicators against peers of a similar size, in a similar industry or on the same IT system as you.

See your business in a new light, assess business processes and identify areas for improvements.