Tax and VAT

Preparation of the year end accounts will enable us to prepare your annual tax return (either Corporation Tax or Self – Assessment).

Tax legislation is constantly changing along with reliefs and allowances to minimise your tax liabilities. It does not matter how the tax arises on profits, gains or earnings. With our professional advice, we can help you to minimise the amount of tax you pay to HM Revenue and Customs.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

When do I need to register?  Would I benefit from registering early?  How do I ensure my profit, and my cashflow, doesn’t suffer when I register?  Should I use a VAT scheme?  These are just a few examples of the questions posed by our clients.

VAT can be a complex area for even the smallest business and many owners can find it confusing knowing how VAT affects their business, and their profit margin.  We attempt to ease this burden by providing advice in relation to registration, making the best use of schemes available, and supporting our clients in the process of reporting VAT transactions themselves.

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