Payroll (PAYE)

Payroll is an important and vital operation for any employer and we can offer a complete, but flexible, payroll service.

Our payroll team offer a tailored service dealing with all aspects of paying your employees including dealing with different pay structures/frequency, payslip production, bank liaison and Real Time Information.

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Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency – CREA

What our clients say about us

“Before Moore & Smalley came along, I was in constant worry over my financial affairs. Trying to juggle a number of small companies is a difficult task in itself, but for a non-financial person like myself the issue of quarterly VAT, corporation tax, year-end returns etc was a nightmare!

Then one afternoon a few years ago, Isabel at Moore & Smalley took away all my worries! Like an angel landing in my living room, she scooped up all the paperwork, took it out of my sight and just presented it back for checking and signing! The relief was tremendous and I now feel confident that I have somebody I can trust to deal with everything financial. Moore & Smalley are extremely professional, highly ethical and above all have their clients’ best interests at heart. I’d be lost without them!”