Accounts & Business Advice

MHA Moore and Smalley can provide temporary support to relieve such pressures and deliver finance functions which may have previously been done in house or with another adviser.


Our trained and experienced staff will use your books and records, whether they are manual or software based, to prepare your year-end accounts. 

Accounting software

We provide advice, training and support for Sage and other small business software packages.

The aim – to help you keep your books and records complete ensuring that you run less risk from HMRC enquiry, make best use of your time and reduce the cost of preparing the year end accounts allowing you (and us) to concentrate on the success of your business.

Cash flow & business planning

Cash flow forecasting is essential for all businesses during the Covid-19 pandemic. We can provide assistance to individuals and businesses on preparing cash flow, budgets and business projections, in line with any Government funding applications.

Cash flow projections and budgets assist in the successful running of your business and with financial planning and decision making. These projections are typically needed by loan providers if you are intending to borrow money, as are Management Accounts.

Management accounts

Management accounts have historically been viewed as a mechanism used in “big business” but many of our smaller clients are now finding that these form an integral part of their on-going business strategy, especially now that up to date information is a necessity during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Management Accounts ensure that data can be interpreted by the business owner and used as an efficient tool for minimising costs, tracking margins and maximising profit drivers.  In addition Management Accounts are now becoming a necessary part of any funding proposal whereby financers will expect them to be prepared on a monthly or quarterly basis in order to secure and retain that funding.

Consultants and personal service companies

Many start ups and small businesses come in the form of companies formed to showcase the skills of individuals associated with professional services, such as management consultants, engineers and high skilled contractors.

Members of the MHA Moore and Smalley team have experience in dealing with these types of clients and are aware of certain areas where professional advice is key to the smooth operation of such companies, to maximise tax benefits and in order to comply with legislation, areas such as:

– IR35
– Use of home as office
– How to deal with travel and subsistence cost

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Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency – CREA

What our clients say about us

” In 2010 I took over my father’s business which he had run for 20 years. The business was leaking cash and suffering as a result of excessive overheads. MHA Moore and Smalley set up a management reporting process which my in house administration lady could use, which kept fees down. In 2013 we have seen an increase in turnover of over 20% but we have kept overheads down. I have a built in element within our accountancy fees for me and my team to ring with queries during the year. This means I don’t have to worry about unexpected bills and we get things right first time.”