When it comes to social media, think outside the box


With our busy lives and a sea of technology,  social media can fast become a daily chore.  When updating your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts it can sometimes seem like a necessity rather than a useful tool.  You may find yourself updating your accounts with a ‘Happy weekend’ or a ‘Thanks for following’. Although these kinds of updates have their place they are not utilising social media to its fullest.


The trick is to get creative and think outside the box. Social media is not just a revenue and traffic driver.  If you think of it this way you will soon become a sales pitch, and let’s face it, no one wants to be bombarded with sales messages.  So, how can you get creative? Well, here are a few tips.




Engage in communities.  Join groups and ‘like’ pages.  Not only will this encourage others to ‘like’ you, but it also means that you will see the content they are sharing.  Pass this around.  Start conversations with these groups and get active.


Look around you


The things you share don’t have to come from social media networks.  Check the local and national papers, you can do this online.  There may be relevant articles or thought provoking ideas that you can share and use.  Use content that will provoke a reaction, a debate or even something controversial.  You will soon have your followers engaging in a little light debate! You can even pose questions to your followers.  Ask them if they read so-and-so in the paper? What was their opinion? These questions don’t always need to relate to what you do, they could be questions about the latest Budget, global issues or even weather related topics.


Get visual


Photos and videos are great.  They are the ideal way to show off what you have been up to.  You can tweet photos or post them on Facebook.  You can even get creative with images too.  Create images that people will want to share or even post as their profile picture.  A video is also the perfect way to convey a complicated message.  Ideal if you have a difficult subject you wish to share.




Everyone likes to be acknowledged and this is the same in the social media world.  Acknowledge your followers.  Let them know you appreciate their feedback, comments and ideas. Ask them for their opinion and if you like what they say then re-tweet it.  This will help them grow their followers too.  As they say, sharing is caring!


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