An update to the PSC register

From 26 June 2017 the details of PSC registersfor all UK companies and LLPs must be maintained at Companies House in “real time” and not just updated annually when the Confirmation Statement is filed. The PSC register itself must be updated within 14 days of any PSC changes, and these changes must then be filed at Companies House within a further 14 days, using a new set of forms (PSC01 to PSC02). Going forward, therefore, whenever any changes are made to shareholdings or membership it will be necessary to consider immediately whether these changes have any effect on the PSC register.


It is of course possible that changes have taken place since the last Confirmation Statement was filed, which now need to be notified to Companies House. If you think you might be affected please get in touch with our Company Secretarial team or your Client Relationship Manager as soon as possible. Up until 26 June any changes required to the PSC register can be notified to Companies House by filing an amended Confirmation Statement. After 26 June the new forms will have to be used, and these should be submitted by 9 July if the changes have already taken place.