Understanding the Pros and Cons of E-mail Marketing


Email Marketing can be an effective way to acquire and retain customers online.  Email marketing is often associated with spam however email communication to in-house lists of addresses can drive great response levels and should not be overlooked.


If you are looking to implement an email marketing campaign it is important to understand the pros and cons before clicking that send button.




Relatively Low Cost – The physical costs of email are substantially less than direct mail.


Encourages Immediate Action – Such as clicking through to a website to redeem an offer.


Quick to deploy – The time it takes to produce creative and send is considerably less compared to traditional mail


Personalisation and Segmentation – It is easy to choose a specific segment of your list and send targeted and personalised email.


Testing & Tracking – It is easy to test various styles or messaging to see which emails are most effective.




Deliverability – Certain email clients, Internet Service Providers and Corporate firewalls stop emails from getting through


Renderability – Some email clients have difficulty displaying the creative as intended.


Email Response – Recipients are more likely to be responsive when they first subscribe.


Technical Ability – There are a number of practical issues that can occur when running a campaign and the owner of the project will require a level of technical knowledge.


Deciding that email marketing is right for your business is only the first part of the process.  The success of your campaign is reliant on making sure a number of factors are considered such as the creative, the incentive, your landing page etc


By perfecting your campaign success factors you should be well on your way to developing an efficient method for communicating with your audience.


Alistair Gammack is a guest blogger from nxo Strategic Marketing, a national marketing consultancy. Contact:alistair.gammack@nxo.net 0870 754 7755 www.nxo.net