Total Reward Statements

The NHS Pensions Agency are now offering the option of accessing your pension information online.  This is currently only for officer members but gives a glimpse into the future of how all GPs will also obtain pension information.  The Total Reward Statement (TRS), as it is called, is accessible via using your own personal username and password.


This gives you all the information that was previously provided on the paper version with the added bonus of it being in colour with numerous web links that you can click on if you’re feeling curious.  This all sounds like a good idea, no longer having to write a letter to request a quote or signing an authority so that Moore and Smalley can request a quote on your behalf, only to have to wait 6 weeks for a pension quote.


There does, however, appear to be some teething problems.  The process of actually getting your login details seems to be a bit of a challenge with most of the people we have spoken to having failed to get access to their own record, with a few having given up entirely.  As the NHS Pensions Agency is refusing to provide paper copies for officer members, this leaves us with no access to an up to date quote for the time being.  This said, once you do have access, the process of printing off your quote seems to be reasonably easy.


If you would like any further information about the total reward statements please visit: