Tips on sales

Hi and welcome to another edition of my monthly blog on behalf of Moore and Smalley. The purpose of the blog is give you (the reader) tips on sales.


This month’s sales tip is all around closing business before you go on your summer hols.


For those that have been following my blog, the last few months has been a shameless plug for the book I am writing with my colleagues, here at Kennedy Ross Consulting Limited, Sellology ‘Simplifying the Science of Sales’.


This month I’m taking a short break from the book, we are nearly there but my oh my, it is a much bigger project than I initially considered… so for now watch this space.


Believe it or not it is summer and that means holidays and time off for many of us, but what about our sales pipeline and all those potential clients that you have quotes with and high expectations of?


Well how about giving each of them a quick call before you go on that break and making them an offer they can’t refuse? In other words an incentive for buying from you before the holidays, note I said an incentive not a give away.


Consider what your potential customer would really appreciate as an incentive to buy before the summer break, so you’ll need to create value, have a clear rationale i.e. not just because you’re off on holiday. Most of all it needs to be a negotiation that creates a win-win. De-valuing your offering devalues your business and you.


By the way and just for the record at Kennedy Ross we have a fantastic half day training programme called Negotiable Variables ‘How to Create a Win – Win When Negotiating’. So if this is an area you find difficult to deal with contact us and we will help.
Just to re cap, what I’m saying is, just before you settle for some additional sunshine, see if you can settle those outstanding opportunities and go away with some outstanding revenue secured, the perfect antidote for when you return and you can do this by;

1. Create additional value around your proposal.
2. Have a clear rationale as to why you are doing this, so you can explain your thinking to your customer with confidence.
3. Ask for the order.


For those of you going on holiday I hope you have a wonderful time and get yourselves suitably refreshed.


For the rest of us (me included), keep those brollies to hand. My next blog will be in September in which I should finally have some great news regarding our sales book, Sellology ‘Simplifying the Science of Sales’.


In the meantime, thanks for reading and if anyone has any questions, thoughts or considerations with regards to what I‘ve said then don’t hesitate to contact me.


You can also check out our website for further information.
Happy selling – Cheers Ali.