‘Tis the season to be selling’

Forgive the obvious reference to Christmas and let me share some interesting experiences in relation to selling in this time of the year.


Whilst leading large sales operations, it struck me several years ago that our sales performance use to dip in August and always came back much stronger in the months of September, October and November. Not just an increase versus August sales but also an overall increase on the year’s sales and quite often a substantial one.


So I asked myself the question; what’s’ creating this unusual phenomenon? To get the answer, I shared my thoughts with my managers, other sales leaders and businesses and this is what I found:


– Business decision makers have returned from their summer holidays feeling upbeat, refreshed and therefore more receptive, so if this is handled well, you are more likely to get a positive response and subsequent sale.


– Budgets are quite often based on the calendar year or on the financial year. Either way come September, October or November, businesses are well into their fiscal year and will have a good idea of their full year projections. You can expect at this stage they will either be looking to make up the deficit or take advantage of the great start they have had.  This means spending is less risky and more likely.


– The Christmas factor means the final quarter of the year is shorter, as business owners, executives and managers start planning their wind downs and Christmas hols. Therefore, buying decisions, which are made in this quarter, will be made sooner, giving you a greater chance of closing the sale.


How do you take advantage of the selling season?


Here are three tips on what to do:

  1. Book some time out to review all your outstanding quotes and wherever possible follow up these opportunities and get in front of the decision makers.


  1. Create a time bound offer, it doesn’t have to be festive and use this to add urgency to create an additional reason why you need to get in front of the decision maker.


  1. Do 1 and 2 enthusiastically and quickly, if not someone else will be taking advantage of this year’s ‘selling season’.


Thanks for reading my blog; if anyone has any questions, thoughts or considerations with regards to what I have said, then don’t hesitate to contact me.


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