Three big steps towards Auto Enrolment…at staging and beyond


Are you ready for Auto Enrolment?


Workplace pensions law has changed and every employer in the UK will now be required to help more of their workers save for retirement. In this three day blog series we take you through the three main stages of Auto Enrolment with handy hints and tips for getting ready!


1 – Enrol eligible jobholders into a pension scheme


From your Staging Date you need to be in a position to;


–          Provide the relevant information to your eligible jobholders


–          Automatically enrol them in a suitable pension scheme


–          Make deductions from their pay and make employer contributions


–          If an employee opts out, then you need to arrange a premium refund


–          You then need to keep a record of the opt out date as you must re-enrol that employee in 3 years (unless they have left or subsequently joined the pension scheme)


2 – Contribute to your workers’ pensions


–          Payments must be made for both the eligible jobholder and the employer


–          As an employer you will also have to make a contribution if a non-eligible jobholder decides they also wish to join the pension scheme and make their own contributions


–          The payments must meet certain minimum requirements


–          The payments must reach the relevant pension scheme by the 19th of the following month (eg. May 2013 payroll run – payment must reach the pension scheme by 19th June 2013)


#3 – Register with The Pensions Regulator (TPR) and keep records


This must be done within 4 months of your company’s staging date via a secure online process, known as the Government Gateway. You will have to register to get the relevant User ID. A list of all the information required to complete the online registration can be obtained here;


There is also a lot of information about the employees and the chosen pension scheme that needs to be securely stored for long periods. Some of the information needs to be held for 6 years and some for only 4 years. Whilst you can authorise a 3rd party to keep records on your behalf, you retain the responsibility of ensuring that the records are made available to TPR when requested.


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