The importance of effective communication of a hotel manager

Effective communication is important in any workplace but some believe it is the most important quality in a hotel manager. As a hotel manager it is important that you can clearly communicate with guests and other members of staff.

In this age of electronic communication we must not forget the importance of well-executed verbal and non-verbal communication skills in the hospitality industry. Be that face-to-face in the hotel reception, an email to a guest or a telephone conversation with a prospective guest.

Excellent communication skills can enhance a guests experience as it shows that you are listening to them, valuing their feedback and conveying clear messages. This can lead to customer loyalty, increased business and eventually the hotel becoming more successful. Listen to your employees these are the ones who are dealing with the guests on a day-to-day basis. Really listen, it is easy to hear but not listen. When we really listen we understand what the other person is saying and react in a meaningful manner.

Communicating, in a meaningful way is not necessarily a natural skill. It is important that managers and staff are trained to communicate effectively. Effective hotel managers have developed the ability to communicate “how” and “why” things are done. Once people know why something is to be done they are then in a position to improve how things are done. This encourages innovation and constant improvement from the bottom-up and not simply presenting information and procedures from the top-down and helps keep staff motivated.


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