The benefits of Social Media to SME’s

Social Media is a tool that can be adapted to suit the needs of your business; it is a selection of malleable platforms that provide promotion and engagement that with a little guidance and creativity is much less challenging than you may imagine. Ultimately however it is a method of connection, sharing and engagement with customers, clients, investors and beyond. Utilise it to your advantage and you can achieve great, measurable results.

The misconception that Social Media requires excessive time and investment is unfortunately prevalent; twinned with the fact that many may have a negative impression of the social networks as a result of personal experience. However, it is very wise to note that personal and professional usage of said platforms differ greatly and also huge time commitments and investment are not necessary.

To utilise Social Media to your business’ advantage, you need to ensure that you remain true to your brand throughout your entire social journey, from your brand positioning to your literary voice; it must retain the principles and values that you pride your business upon.

New Social media platforms emerge constantly, so ensuring that you are using the correct ones for your business is paramount. Have a look at your industry, your competitors; which platforms do they use to communicate with their customers? How do they speak to people? What tone do they use? If your product is image based, use Instagram for example; it is an image focused platform with little to no text. If you need to stay ahead of the news cycle, Facebook and Twitter enable you take advantage of ‘trends’ and ‘hash tagging’ that make you immediately more visible.

Choose your platforms wisely, it is great to look at what is done well but also look at what isn’t; engage your workforce in the conversation and ask for content suggestions; be innovative, be consistent and humanise your brand.

At nxo, we like to think of your Social journey as a road map; a starting point and a guide throughout the journey, your social media GPS if you like. The most important thing to consider during this journey is that by clearly defining your destination, we can guide your journey.

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