Template reimbursement claim form

Through our involvement on the Board of AISMA, we have worked with the BMA in creating a reimbursement form to assist medical practices in claiming additional costs during the Covid-19 pandemic, including costs for the bank holidays over the Easter Weekend.

The form, which has now been released, is available to complete in Excel by practices and can then be submitted to your local CCG to request the reimbursement payment.

The guidance from the BMA states that:

“This can be used to claim the costs from Easter weekend, and any other additional costs that might arise which are agreed to be reimbursable.

The form covers both staff and non-staff costs and provides costings based on the national agreed reimbursements for Easter weekend. These are able to be amended if a local arrangement was more favourable.”

Guidance for completing the form is included also.

Staffing cost reimbursement

The costs for sessional/locum and partners will depend whether the individuals are in the pension scheme. The table below, which is taken from the BMA guidance, provides the NHSEI published rates for bank holidays. If you have agreed higher rates locally, then these can be entered on to the form to be calculated.

Non-staff expenses reimbursements

We worked closely with the BMA to provide an estimation of the daily cost of non-staff expenses. The 3.5p per patient per day was based on statistics provided by AISMA firms which covered 2.2m patients. 

Information correct as at 29/04/2020 and can be found here: https://www.bma.org.uk/advice-and-support/covid-19/practical-guidance/covid-19-toolkit-for-gps-and-gp-practices/funding

What can we do to help?

If you would like further information or assistance with this, then please contact Lisa Pennington on 01253 404404 or 0115 972 1050 or email info@mooreandsmalley.co.uk.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we appreciate that the sector is under extreme pressure to efficiently run some essential financial functions. We are able to provide temporary support to relieve the burden where possible and deliver finance functions which may have previously been done in house.

Examples of this include;

  • Preparing management accounts
  • Maintaining the practice’s financial books and records
  • Assisting with VAT returns
  • Cash flow planning
  • Payroll services

For up to date guidance on the Government initiatives available for the healthcare sector, and general business, during the Covid-19 pandemic, see our dedicated resource hub on our website.