Taxation of Intellectual Property


The Moore and Smalley Tax Team are recognised as leading advisors in the North West and beyond in the provision of advice on the taxation of intellectual property.  Our specialist knowledge on research and development (R&D) tax relief, patent box and creative sector tax reliefs as well as general taxation enables us to advise on the tax implications of complex intellectual property transactions.


Over the course of this week we will be posting brief daily blogs covering the following areas related to the taxation of intellectual property:


Tuesday: Research and development tax relief for small and medium sized businesses – A brief summary of the tax relief which is available to SMEs that carry out R&D as part of their business, the broad range of sectors to which the R&D rules can apply, and ways of maximising the benefit from R&D tax relief in an owner managed business.


Wednesday: Research and development tax relief for large companies and SME subcontractors or those in receipt of grant funding – details of the major changes taking in place in 2013 that will affect R&D claims made under the large company scheme, how companies that could not previously benefit will be able to receive cash repayments from HMRC under the new rules.


Thursday: Patent Box – how the complex new rules on the taxation of profits derived from patented technologies can be harnessed to significantly reduce corporation tax liabilities from April 2013


Friday: Creative sector tax reliefs – how to maximise tax relief for the costs associated with computer games development under the new rules for the creative sector, the interaction of research and development tax relief with the new regime.


The intention of this series is to raise awareness of the tax based opportunities surrounding the creation and exploitation of intellectual property and the high value services which the team can offer.  If you would like any information in connection with any of the postings please get in touch.