Summer holiday

We work hard during the year, so come the summer we naturally deserve some much needed rest and relaxation. The holiday season is almost upon us so do you leave all your work behind and switch off immediately, do you dread coming back as soon as you have left or are you one of those that can’t resist checking your smart phones by the pool? Hotel WiFi is a dangerous thing.


Some recent research by revealed that a quarter of hardworking Brits actually look forward to getting back to work after their summer holiday… Are they mad!? The study, states that as many as one in four workers are happy to get back to their job (25 per cent). This shatters the belief that everyone dreads heading back to work.


While a quarter are happy to get back to their desks, two thirds (62 per cent) say they don’t like switching the beach for the boardroom. Meanwhile, one in seven (13 per cent) workers say they are indifferent about going back to work. If you are one of those then advice suggests ‘You could try focusing on areas of professional or personal development, asking for more frequent feedback from your superiors or making an effort to become better acquainted with your work colleagues. ‘However, returning to work after a holiday is also a great test to see if you’re truly happy in your current job or not. ‘If you’d rather be anywhere but back at work after a holiday, it might be the wake-up call you need to find a new role.’

Either way, enjoy your holiday when it comes and don’t be scared of switching off. Holiday is an entitlement and should be enjoyed not seen as a problem to you, your colleagues or business. Yes coming back and playing catch up is a pain but hopefully the holiday was worth it.


Happy summer!