“Step 1 of the Kennedy Ross Sales P.R.O.C.E.S. Planning”

There’s a debate every year around this time as to whether or not it’s still appropriate to wish everyone a happy new year, well I’m going to go out on a limb and say Happy New Year to you all and I hope all your dreams and aspirations for 2015 and beyond come true.


At this time of year many people make new year resolutions alas, without a plan. If you don’t make a plan – your subconscious mind will make one for you. Unfortunately when the subconscious mind makes your plans it normally focuses on your fears and guess what happens when we focus on the things we fear most…


I’ll tell you something though, you’re far more likely to keep to some resolutions if you have a plan and that’s my Segway into the first behaviour of our sales process at Kennedy Ross Consulting Limited.


Just to recap I mentioned in the Christmas blog that we have been working on a sales process that any individual/ business can immediately adopt. Whether you are super experienced or terrified of sales, this book will give you real life examples of the worst and the best behaviours to exhibit whilst selling to your customers. You will be shown specifically how to handle each step of our sales process in an easy and straightforward way and most of all truly understand and gain the insight as to why these behaviours in our sales process work every time.


The Kennedy Ross sales process is called P.R.O.C.E.S., which stands for Planning, Reaching, Obtaining, Connecting, Elaborating and Securing the follow up. I explained in my last blog that the book will be available on March 1st via Amazon including a launch and a big giveaway. In the meantime the first part of the sales P.R.O.C.E.S. is Planning.


The book is set out in a way in which the reader can dip in and out of any page and immediately benefit from what’s read, this is the introduction to the Planning chapter.


Clarity creates opportunity”

“Over the years, planning for me has almost been an enigma when it comes to sales. I say that because very smart, quick-thinking, fast-talking sales people will say they don’t need to plan or they haven’t got time to plan. And having been a part of different planning processes throughout the years, one thing I am very conscious of when talking about planning is wasting our own time.


I’ve seen sales managers insist on levels of planning which far outweigh the potential benefits in the meeting, and therefore the sales person loses all motivation for planning at all.”


P stands for planning in the Kennedy Ross Sales P.R.O.C.E.S. and is the very first part of our sales process. As you will see throughout this book, each element of our sales process is spelled out and put forward in an easy to use, straight-forward manner. Planning can therefore be divided into two simple sections – external and internal planning.


As I said this is the introduction to the Planning chapter. I hope it makes sense and I look forward to updating you on how the book is going in next month’s blog.


In the meantime, thanks for reading my blog and if anyone has any questions, thoughts or considerations with regards to what I ‘ve said then don’t hesitate to contact me.


You can also check out our website www.kennedyross.co.uk for further information.