Can it be cost effective for my accountant to do my book keeping?

Yes, it can!

Managing your business finances is one of the most critical tasks you face on a daily basis. Get it right and you can make informed decisions to help improve you bottom line. Get it wrong and you can upset staff, supplies, customers and the bank as well as causing long term damage to your business.


A lot of small businesses utilise the monthly services of a book keeper and an accountant to do the year end accounts and tax returns because they believe their accountants will be too expensive for bookkeeping. This can be the case but with services like SE+ from Moore and Smalley, it is now possible for accountants to offer competitive prices for a holistic approach, meaning less hassle for the business owner and up to date accurate information.


Small businesses are more likely to succeed with the ongoing advice of an accountant, and if the accountant has your data to hand, they can give you more timely and proactive advice.


When considering switching book keeping to your account ask yourself these 3 key questions:

1. Have I had a fixed, monthly quote that is tailored to me?
2. Will I be getting advice and explanations as well as the number crunching?
3. Will they give me greater flexibility than I have now?