Sir Bob Geldof and trust

The team at NXO were recently treated to a day trip to London. Given the rock star name in the title you could be forgiven for thinking this month’s team outing was to a Boomtown Rats revival concert but no – it was The Annual Trust Conference 2014 and Bob was the key note speaker.


What on earth is a Trust conference I hear you say and why Sir Bob? As we left Preston at just after 6am on the train there were a few members of the team who were asking that very question and seemed more interested in where we might have lunch! However, what developed from the day was a fascinating insight into the meaning of trust, the science behind trust and the application of trust in the business world. With speakers from all over the world, nearly 1,000 attendees and the added bonus of meeting participants of the Invictus games we had a great day. Lunch was indeed a treat too but what did we learn? Here’s team nxo’s list of top 5 take aways from the day:

Trust is tangible in terms of the way we look, talk and present ourselves

Trust is a real economic driver not merely a social virtue

Trust in business carries 4 elements – Integrity, Intent, Capabilities and Results

– Bob Geldof swears a lot….

– Bob Geldof took on the trust of other people’s money via Band Aid and Live Aid (approx $150 million)


It might sound obvious but by building trust with others we can expect trust in return. Easier said than done in the world we live in today but we do need to change. If we start within our own working environment and our own business communities then we just might be able to see the benefits for ourselves and go on to share it with others.