‘Sellology, Simplifying the Science of Sales’

Hi and welcome to another edition of my monthly blog on behalf of Moore and Smalley. The purpose of the blog is give you (the reader) tips on sales.


For those that have been following my blog, the last few months has been a shameless plug for the book I am writing with my colleagues here at Kennedy Ross Consulting Limited.


And this month is no different.


As per the previous blogs I have an excerpt from our sales book ‘Sellology, Simplifying the Science of Sales’ to share with you.


As a reminder the book introduces and goes on to explain, using real life examples, our ‘one size fits all’ sales process, ingeniously called P.R.O.C.E.S.


This month’s blog contains some of the text around the R in our sales P.R.O.C.E.S.


R stands for Reach in the Kennedy Ross Sales P.R.O.C.E.S.




In the introduction I suggested that it appears the speed of technological change has outpaced the evolution of the sales process.  And nowhere will that assertion become more apparent than in this chapter.


The way in which we, as sales people, Reach out to our customers has changed dramatically over the last fifteen years. 


Previously (as in the old days), other than writing a letter, we had two options when we wanted to get in front of a prospective customer; namely cold calling or telephoning. Both methods had the same objective in mind, to get in front of the P.A.N., the Person who has the Authority to make a decision and the Need to buy or use your service.


I also mentioned that during the years of selling in “The Land of Milk Honey” aka between 2003 and 2007, it became all too easy just to send an e-mail and receive a response or even a sale.


Because we were then going through an economic boom, demand was growing, supply was static and we had these new and improved methods of technological communication, which meant it was harder to fail and ‘getting lucky’ became much more commonplace when reaching out to potential customers.


Then gradually as the recession of 2008 began to bite, instead of refining sales processes, businesses relied on the same old processes to produce the same results, and hoped for the best.


Well, the only hopes we know at Kennedy Ross are Bob Hope and No Hope.


Hope is relying on luck.


Our sales P.R.O.C.E.S. ensures you create your own luck by following a renowned and proven process.


By the way, the days of picking up the Thomson’s Yellow Pages and starting your telephone calls at letter A and finishing at Z are long behind us and that’s if you can find one.


As you will have read in the Planning chapter there are many new, sure-fire ways of producing target opportunities where you can establish some form of warm connection.


That’s all for now, I look forwards to updating you on our progress in my next blog in June.


In the meantime, thanks for reading and if anyone has any questions, thoughts or considerations with regards to what I‘ve said then don’t hesitate to contact me.


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