Save time by using Excel with Sage 50cloud reporting

Do you use Excel for your management reporting, manually exporting and inputting data from your Sage to update these reports?

Let’s be honest, people like Excel and you may already be doing this or are thinking about putting your reports or Sage transactions in Excel, which you can then use for your own bespoke management reporting.

Did you know that you can integrate your Sage data with Excel using the Sage 50 Accounts ODBC driver?  This will save you a significant amount of time compared to manually exporting and inputting data from Sage into Excel each month.

Using the ODBC driver

To help you transfer data quickly, easily, and accurately, you can use the Sage 50 Accounts ODBC driver to read your accounts data directly into Excel.

An ODBC driver translates the data files from one application, for example Sage 50 Accounts, so that they can be read by a Windows application that supports ODBC, such as Excel.

Once the connection has been made, you just need to refresh your Excel report and any new transactions added to Sage will be automatically pulled through.  The ODBC driver is read only, so you cannot write back to your software data files.

There are other ways

All of the reports explained below will need to be run and exported on a regular basis to keep your Excel reports up to date. 


Run your report and preview on screen, click Export, choose the file type, name and location where to save.

If you selected Excel, open and format to remove merged cells and put the information into columns.

Report to Excel

Run your report and preview on screen, click Export.

This will use report formatting and may need tidying to remove merged cells and get information into columns.

Data to Excel

Run your report and preview on screen, click Data to Excel.

Report data will appear in Excel as a table, columns will be all neatly aligned.

Using the ODBC will allow you to automatically bring through your Sage transactions giving you meaningful up to date reports, saving you time from manually downloading and updating.

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