Remote working – or better working?

I am sure you will have heard of the phrase “hosted desktop”, or perhaps “hot desk” or indeed “remote working” and you will almost certainly heard of the “cloud” and after a while all these terms become part of the generally accepted language that we use, but do not have any real meaning, and certainly we can easily fail to appreciate their relevance to our perhaps more traditional method of working.

So, let me give some clear non-technical explanations, and start to highlight some of the huge benefits of introducing some elements of these technologies.


Use your imagination to picture just a keyboard, a mouse and a screen sitting at your desk, with obviously just a few leads connecting you to the power sockets, and connecting you to essentially your computer, and all associated software, but without the physical computer actually being anywhere nearby – well, that’s basically a hosted desktop.

All the swan-like hardware and activity is located and maintained elsewhere, and you are just presented with what you need to perform your work.


Once you have this environment, the logical conclusion is that any means of logging-in will give you access to what you need, and so you then don’t need to be bound and shackled to your specific and unique desk.


You could be at home, at a clients, a coffee shop, a beach, or really anywhere in the world – and what liberation that should give. All software, applications, files and documents can be accessed, used and saved as if you were at your office desk.


Once this configuration is established, the benefits can easily be identified:

–           Savings on hardware costs, and the associated property and maintenance costs of things like servers, air-conditioning and physical security
–           Savings on costs of maintenance and software upgrades
–           Savings on trooping into the same office or desk each day, or several times a day, and the subsequent increase in productivity
–           Improvements in data security, back-up and comfort on disaster recovery situation
–           Greater ease in taking on more staff


The cost of such a configuration is usually reflected in a monthly charge by the server provider who will integrate the hardware and necessary software and applications, and then ensure that it is related to the actual number of users you need.


Issues around choice of supplier and security are vitally important, but today’s technologies should help you be more productive, profitable, and provide more time to be on the beach – even if you’re still working.