Recruit your staff or let them recruit themselves?

No doubt you have heard recent reports that the economy is finally on the turn for the better, if only being just back to 0.2% bigger than it was at its last peak, back in 2008. It has been a long and hard 6 years for many, but the talk on the financial streets is that this turn could well be the beginning of continued and sustained growth for 8 to 10 years! Let’s hope so, but let’s not forget that this has been an almighty mother of all modern depressions. In comparison, at the same point in time after the downturn of 1979 the British economy was 8% bigger than its previous peak. After the recession of 1990 the UK was 16% larger than its past record level. Today, it is more-or-less the same size as it was.

However, despite the less than previous great returns to prosperity the sun is shining and generally we are all feeling a bit more positive about our future which is fantastic. The more positive we are, the more positive the press and government are, the more likely we are to continue to grow as individual businesses and as a country. Come on Great Britain!



With this air of growth and prosperity ahead it might be time to recruit more staff or replace those that have moved on in our businesses, so what approach do you tend to take?

Approach 1 – assign a recruitment agency who sends you in a load of CV’s and you interview the best and offer the job to the one you like the best i.e. you recruit them.
Approach 2 – assign a recruitment agency who sends you in a load of CV’s and you interview them all and offer the job to the one who wants it i.e. they recruit themselves.



In recent years I have been lucky enough to have needed to grow and alter my team to meet the demands of our service (helping companies grow), so recruitment has been a factor of my work and always will be. In fact, if you are reading this then no doubt it is for you too.



I adopted approach 2 about 3 years ago and the results have been amazing; mainly through employee engagement, team and office suitability/alignment, and a joint vision to grow the business together. Having the wrong staff or dis-engaged staff can cost your business greatly. By recruiting people who want the job or want to work for your organisation means they have bought into what you, your team, and your business are all about before they start. This can make life a whole lot easier than trying to install it in them just because they looked good on paper.



Okay. So how does ‘Approach 2’ work? I hear you say. I won’t go into great detail, but it is actually quite simple. Here are the main principles:
1. Source CV’s from anywhere and everywhere- Agencies, friends, staff, neighbours and more.
2. Interview them all, in quick succession on the same day or consecutive days if many and share your business culture, values and visions. Let them speak about theirs too.
3. At the end of each interview say that if they are interested in the job they must call you back at 5pm. Repeat this statement at least 3 times at the close of the interview.
4. Invite all those that called you back at 5pm to the next round of interviews ignoring any preferences you had.
5. Repeat points 2-4 until you have at least 3 for final interview.
6. Of the final few, have your preference in mind but only take the one who calls back at 5pm.
7. If they all call back take them all or the one you and your team prefer.



Good luck, but trust me, it works!


Philip Dyer is a guest blogger from nxo Strategic Marketing, a national consultancy. For more info contact: 0870 754 7755