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Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) – key deadline approaching!

Following on from the new Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) that was introduced on 1 April 2022,  if you are or should be registered for the tax, we are rapidly approaching the deadline for submission of the first PPT return.

  • If you are registered for the tax, the first PPT return ends on 30 June with a filing and payment deadline of Friday 29 July.
  • If you aren’t registered for the tax but should be, there is a potential exposure to unpaid tax and penalties.
  • If you buy from suppliers who pay (or should be paying) the tax, you will have joint and several liability for any unpaid tax, and should therefore carry out reasonable due diligence to ensure that your supply chain is PPT compliant.

Is your business ready for the new Plastic Packaging Tax?

Our latest fact sheet provides an overview of all information you need, to be prepared for the new tax, including information on creating an account, registration and also the below:

  • What is covered under PPT?
  • What is ‘finished’ plastic packaging?
  • Exemptions to PPT
  • Importing packaging into the UK
Jonathan Main7

Jonathan Main

Indirect Tax & VAT Partner

Got a question about Plastic Packaging Tax?

If you are looking for further information regarding Plastic Packaging Tax (PPT) , we will be happy to help. 

Jonathan Main, our Indirect Taxes & VAT Partner, heads up the VAT service team and works with manufacturing businesses on a monthly basis. 

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