Digital predictions for 2014


Out with the old and in with the new


It has been a busy year for digital.  Social media has expanded, more businesses are adopting responsive web design and video really started to make an impact.  Google introduced a few new changes to the way search works and more emphasis was put on rich content for the reader than ever before.


So, if you feel you have been left behind in 2013 then make sure you are up-to-speed in time for the new year, and really make 2014 the year you invest in digital marketing.


Here are few predictions for what will be ‘big’ this coming year:


Integrated marketing


Does your social media fit in with your current traditional marketing campaign?  Does it work the other way round?  The lines between all forms of marketing have thoroughly blurred in recent years and it is key that you ensure that the same applies to your business.  There will be a far bigger cross over in terms of digital marketing going forward.  Make sure your prospective clients can share what they read on your website via social media and that any marketing material you send out links in with your social media and with your website.


Marketing in real-time


With the rise in social media and in advertising via social media channels real-time marketing will be even bigger.


Utilising events as they unfold can help to boost your reach.  Your post on a network such as Twitter could be completely off brand, but by using the hashtag that is trending you will be able to get better coverage. Many major brands are already coining in on this.


Content will remain king


One thing that will remain, and will probably only increase, is content.  Fresh and rich content on your website will help to boost your rankings.  But it is worth tying this into your user experience on your website.  Content needs a strategy, and it also needs thought.  Having content at the right, useful and expected areas of your customers’ journey is key.


Take the time to think about your digital marketing campaigns for 2014.  Where will you invest?  What strategies will you put into play? But make sure you are placing your marketing budget here. It will be worth every penny and could make 2014 your year.