NHS employees – Annual Pension benefits statements

The NHS Pensions Agency previously provided its members with an annual pension benefits statement upon request. Total Reward Statements have been introduced to provide NHS employees with a better understanding of the benefits which they have or may have access to; for example remuneration and benefits provided.  In order to obtain an annual pension benefit statement employees will need to access their NHS Pension Total Reward Statement.  Note that General Practitioners who are Practitioner members of the NHS Pension Scheme will still be able to obtain an annual pension benefit statement directly from the NHS Pensions Agency.


We advise that you register for the Government Gateway now, if you haven’t already done so, in order to access your Total Reward Statements.  This is important so that we can continue to monitor your NHS pension and any exposure to tax charges.  A series of instructions is provided below on how to do this:


  1. Go to the NHS Total Reward Statements website at www.totalrewardstatements.nhs.uk.
  2. Click on the Log-in or Register button.  You will be given an option to either register as a new Government Gateway User or to log-in as an existing Government Gateway User.
  3. If you have already registered, log-in using your 12 digit Government Gateway User ID and password.  If you have not previously registered with the Government Gateway you will now need to do so by following the instructions on the website.
  4. After logging-in or registering, you will need to enter your personal details in order for the Total Reward Statements service to verify your identity.  If you had not previously registered with the Government Gateway then you will now be provided with your 12 digit Government Gateway User ID; please print a copy of this and/or record it safely with your password.  If the service cannot verify you, after ensuring your details are entered correctly, then you will need to call the Helpdesk on 0300 3301351.
  5. An activation code will be posted to you which will take up to 10 working days to arrive. Upon receipt, please navigate to the website and log-in using your 12 digit Government Gateway User ID and password, where you will then be asked for your Activation code.  By following the sequence of steps, you should return to the home page, where you will need to log-in again using your Government Gateway User ID and password in order to gain access to your NHS Total Reward Statements.


We expect that you will experience delays in the above registration process but persistence does pay off and once you gain access to the system it is relatively easy to use.  Further support for the registration process is available at www.esrsupport.co.uk/TotalRewards.


We advise you to wait until June 2015 before providing us with a copy of your Total Reward Statements; this should ensure that your earnings for the 2014/15 year have been included on the statements.


To learn more about Total Reward Statements, click here and read more of our previous healthcare blogs on the subject.