NHS Digital – Open Exeter

A recent message that appeared on the NHS Digital website suggested that the Exeter system was going to be decommissioned from 31st March 2020.

We can confirm that this was in fact misleading. In fact only a small, isolated part of the system will be withdrawn.

It is expected that the Exeter system will continue be used into 2021, giving practices access to key financial and performance information required to populate practice accounting systems.

GP+ App

Monthly contract statements can currently be downloaded from Open Exeter and imported to Quickbooks and Xero in order to give more detailed and accurate management information regarding the breakdown of your practice’s NHS income. However, we understand this can be an onerous and time-consuming exercise.

We have worked closely with dedicated developers from Lincify to create an app which can easily analyse and upload your monthly statement to Quickbooks in just a few clicks. This app, called GP+, works on the same principle as cloud accounting software. All of the entries on the open Exeter statements are matched to your chart of accounts and inserted into QuickBooks at the click of a button. Once set up, the App remembers and replicates from your previous postings and automatically matches them, meaning all that is required is a quick review to confirm.

This ensures absolute consistency of allocations of NHS entries from the statements and can save you over an hour a month when compared to manual entry of this data.

If you feel you could benefit from GP+ at your practice, please get in touch for a discussion about the benefits of setting you up with an account.

How we can help

In the current climate, with the ongoing circumstances surrounding Covid-19, the Healthcare team at MHA Moore and Smalley is committed to providing regular updates for practices and clinicians, and we will continue to offer our services to support you in the coming months.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to email Susan Charnock or call 01253 404404 or email Barbara Domanska or call 01559 721050.