A New Year’s revolution from Document Direct

We all live in a world of change, and whether we like that or not, our ability to recognise and embrace this can have a powerful impact on our lives.


We have all seen significant change affect us over the past five years, in terms of economic change and technological change, the impact of the internet, the lack of trust amongst banks, new ways of funding and increased competition and how we react to this during 2015 will influence how successful we will be.


So what New Year’s resolutions should an astute business owner have?


The key focus must be on performance, efficiency, cost management and above all – client and customer service.


Get these issues right, and profitability will follow.


I am seeing some significant trends re the intelligent use of IT, of outsourcing secondary but vital support functions and of embracing better business practices.


My own business, Document Direct, delivers typing and document production services at around 50% of the traditional cost, and with a service capability and a 24/7 availability that meets the needs of today’s business people, rather than the restrictions of a traditional 9-5 office based, high cost and inflexible method. We could only do this by totally embracing change.


Many firms are using what is referred to as ‘cloud computing’, but could be better described as efficient use of server capability and technology. The reservations that businesses may have in this area are quickly dispelled when they are better informed about security, flexibility in growth and speed, and certainly cost benefits. Once you then highlight the advantages ‘cloud computing’ can give with remote and mobile access it quickly becomes an obvious choice.


Other areas to consider are the use of mobile devices, tablets, home-based working for staff and the whole wider world of social media.


The New Year is upon us, and whilst we don’t need a revolution, we should all embrace the change that is around us and create and deliver some very positive New Year’s Resolutions.


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