New December Annual Benefit Statement (ABS)/Total Reward Statement (TRS) available

The second GP Pension Total Reward Statement of the year was released on 18 December and is available for GPs to view via Any certificates and pensions information that was submitted to PCSE by 11 October 2019 should be reflected in the December TRS. If submissions were made after 11 October 2019 then the information will be reflected in their updated TRS in the August 2020 release.

Pension records can only be updated sequentially, if certificates from previous years are missing, the most recent years cannot be updated. For instance, if certificates have only been received and processed for the years 2010/11, 2011/12 and 2017/18 then the ABS will only reflect the pension figures up until 2012.

Members are advised to contact the NHS Pensions TRS team using the contact details below if they are unable to see their December TRS but had submitted their certificates in time by 11 October.

It is important to check your records are up to date and that there are no missing periods in order that your future pension is maximised.

If you need any assistance or information, please contact one of your Healthcare Services team members at MHA Moore and Smalley

Useful links and contacts:

NHS Pensions TRS team – 0300 3301 351 or email

PCSE Customer Support Centre – 0333 014 2884