My software is ready for MTD – How do I sign up?

Congratulations! You have chosen software which complies with HMRC’s new MTD regime. So, what now?

Many believe choosing the software is the only thing that needs to be done. Unfortunately, it is not quite that straight forward, however, it’s not a onerous task to complete the process.

When you are sure you have compatible software working correctly you have two options

  • Join the MTD open trial and sign up to start submitting VAT returns under MTD early
  • Wait until you are in the first VAT period where you are required to file under MTD

Both options require you to register with HMRC. The link to do this is below:

Once you have signed up you can’t submit via the government gateway so only sign up when you know you are ready.

Its important to note that if you have a DD in place with HMRC to pay your VAT due, then there are dates where you can’t sign up. HMRC currently are not allowing businesses with DD’s in place to sign up 15 before the DD is due to come out and 5 days after it is due to come out. This has been a request from the banking industry.

If you are within the time when you can’t sign up you will receive a notification explaining when to come back to the HMRC site to sign up for MTD.

If you would like to discuss this in further detail please contact our Digital Solutions team on 01772 821 021.