Moore and Smalley SE+ team up with CrunchBoards

More exciting news from the world of cloud accounting as Moore and Smalley SE+ team up with CrunchBoards. Moore and Smalley SE+ is a new style of accounting for forward thinking enterprises nationwide. CrunchBoards is an analytical tool that allows businesses to track growth, costs and profitability without huge effort or cost. The data is easy to understand and sent to you direct via email.


The reports can be set up to track current levels of profitability at both gross profit and net profit level. Moreover alerts can be set up if you are falling below the predefined minimum levels.


To prevent costs spiralling out of control, businesses can use the tracking key costs tool, which helps with keeping track of all outgoings.


Another sufficient use of Moore and Smalley SE+ and CrunchBoards is forecasting.  CrunchBoards takes your existing data out of QuickbooksOnline and uses it as a starting point from which to forecast future performance. Its ability to easily flex data, gives you the opportunity to have robust forecasts quickly and without huge expense.


CrunchBoards is one of the preferred add on’s available and it also comes recommended by Moore and Smalley SE+, and is available from just £10 a month.


If you are a current client under the Moore and Smalley SE+ service, please contact your existing relationship manager for more information. If you are interested in finding out more about Moore and Smalley SE+ or CrunchBoards, please contact Judith Dugdale is corporate services director at Moore and Smalley and heads up Moore and Smalley SE+. Contact Judith on 01772 821021.