Mind games – will I or won’t I?

I know most of us at some time have gone through the mental battle of will this work or won’t it work; will I fail or will I succeed?


Have you heard the famous quote from Henry Ford “if you think you can or you think you can’t either way you are right”.


But what does that mean? Having been a keen competitive sports person I feel that we can learn a lot from successful Olympians old and new, because the truth is, it is not all about talent or fantastic genetics, just like business. You don’t have to have a degree, or be an expert to make an idea come to life. The one thing we share with sports or business people is a positive mental attitude; self-belief. If you don’t believe that you can succeed, no one else will either.


You can establish a positive mind set as easily as a negative one – you have a choice; particularly at the start of your journey. So even when something goes wrong, you can still keep your chin up and keep going. Treating each failure as a step closer to success requires you to do a number of things:


– Make sure your plans/ideas are robust – share them with an objective and trusted advisor (if you don’t have one – find one!).


– Avoid negative people – they suck the life out of your ideas and out of you too. Constructive criticism is important, but it is not to be confused with “destructive” criticism!


– Listen to and meet people that have achieved something that you admire and respect; you will find it inspiring and it will energise you and keep you on track.


– Remind yourself that success (defined by me as gaining something that is worth having) does not come easily. You have to keep chipping away; adjusting, changing and adapting until you reach your goal.


If you think you can – then get on with it; read Mans Search for Meaning and marvel at the power of choosing your attitude.


Thanks to guest contributor Philip Dyer at NXO marketing.