Maximising your Deposit returns and Security

As we continue to manage our way through the Covid pandemic and start to see some aspects of life return to some form of normality, many of us will have had considerable time on our hands to consider our own financial wellbeing and this will also be true for Charities.

At MHA Moore and Smalley, we understand that it can be difficult for Charities to build and manage cash reserves.

Interest rates in the UK have been at a low level for several years. Currently the Bank of England are weighing up their options to stimulate the UK economy and give it a much-needed boost to help it through the Coronavirus crisis, including looking at a negative base rate. More potential bad news for savers looking at generating a return from their deposits.

For Charities this leaves them with little or potentially no return on the funds they rely on to keep everything going.

The Financial Planning team at MHA Moore and Smalley can help as planning is the cornerstone of financial confidence. We can assist with reviews of rates, mapping a plan of how to secure the highest rates in the marketplace, with an eye on capital security, conducting due diligence on the institutions, and for a lot of our existing charity clients, providing that extra layer of security and acting as an independent credible challenge to the trustees decisions.

As advisers, we provide peace of mind in these uncertain times and help to provide access to rates that are not available in the marketplace. We also take away the headache of research, thus saving time now and in the future on what can be an essential exercise for the charity to maximise its returns.

We do charge fees for our work, but for our existing clients we have been thanked for our efforts and told that we have provided great value for money in the work that we do.

If you feel that you could benefit from an initial no obligation conversation about your own charity’s cash deposits please contact a member of the Financial Planning team on 01772 821 021 or email