Maximise your exporting opportunities with UKTI


Whether you are already exporting or brand new to exporting and currently thinking about how to maximise your opportunities then you should get in touch with UKTI.


UKTI are experts when it comes to helping your business to grow and provide expert trade advice and practical support to UK-based companies wishing to grow their business overseas.


Services include:


– Free advice and support to those who export or who want to enter new markets


– A varied events program and a range of export publications and online services


Access all areas


For a fee of £1,020 plus VAT SME’s can get access to the following:


– Access to the UKTI overseas contacts


– Access to overseas embassies


– Grants of up to £3,000 as match funding to cover the cost of travel to exhibitions, targets and customers.


– Grant funding for trade shows of up to £1,250 per show (maximum 6 per year – or up to 12 if they are to high growth markets – including amongst others the so called BRIC countries of Brazil, Russia, India and China)


Other grants


UKTI can also help you to access other useful grants to help you on your way, including:


– Grants of up to 50% to internationalise your website – i.e. adding translation services and making sure that the website is fit for the culture of target countries!


If you would like to explore this further then please contact me on 01772 821021 or visit the UKTI website


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