Marketing values

Businesses that are serious about their growth plans will certainly evaluate their marketing efforts. Measuring Return-on-Investment (ROI) and assessing what activities should be undertaken to further improve ROI, should certainly underpin the core activity of a Marketing Plan …but what about the Values?


We are all customers at various times, whether B2C or B2B, but how do we feel when an order is placed and there is no Customer Service (or worse still, poor Customer Service)? When guarantees are too restrictive or limited? When face2face contact or personal service isn’t available, leaving us to scrabble through complicated website systems or automatic reply web-chats (and this doesn’t even consider the continuous loop of automatic answering systems …Please press ‘1’ to Hold, ‘2’ to Continue or ‘3’ to …‘Hang-Up’, which is often what we do, we hang-up, we switch-off, we tune-out.


How do we then feel when we come across another company, whether retail or trade, that cannot do enough to help and assist in the decision making process? We feel valued, respected and reassured that there is service and trust behind the purchase …needless to say we then ‘buy’.


Marketing often concentrates on coverage and raising awareness, but should your business have strong Customer Service values behind its operations, or that you’re currently working hard to ensure that these are in place, make sure that these are promoted within your marketing communications. Believe it or not, we tend to buy more through emotion than through logic i.e. we will happily pay a little more for something from a trustworthy, credible supplier than a not so credible one.


Strong Customer Service values therefore make a difference and even if a prospect customer does not proceed to buy, chances are they will speak in favour of your organisation if good service is received. Positive recommendations can be plentiful given today’s digital & social media channels, so why not help this by advocating the correct message and content within your marketing? The good news is that rewards by strong recommendations and testimonials can soon be received, so with ROI being so important even subjective opinions and positive PR can be measured these days, supporting marketing efforts further.


For more information on the topic, please contact Mike Carrighan.