Making money through your firm’s website is easier than you think


With the arrival of services like PayPal, purchasing products and services on the internet has been revolutionised. Of course the consumer market has made the most of this with online marketplaces like Amazon recording an increase in revenue year on year.


It’s also not surprising that law firms too can make the most of eCommerce tools, allowing clients to quickly and easily purchase legal services or legal documents. Convenience is vitally important to many clients and if they can carry out simple legal work online, while sitting on their sofa at home, then they’ll be more likely to use your firm, earning you money at the same time.


So what are the best tools to help you monetise your WordPress website so you can provide simple legal services online? Here are our top three:


Jigoshop: This simple plugin sits behind your website allowing you to add products and services for purchase, while recording sales figures and giving you the chance to offer reduce prices for promotion, such as during National Will Writing Week for example.


WooCommerce: Fully customisable to any type of business, this plug in is similar to Jigoshop with options to easily extend and adapt what it does on your website to match your needs.


PayPal: Not technically a plug in but this is a very recognisable brand that allows you to simply add a ‘button’ on your website so clients can pay for small fixed price services. This may be the most useful option for law firms but the customisation is limited.


With UK shoppers set to spend £107billion in 2014 there’s no reason why law firms shouldn’t investigate using one of these eCommerce tools to make the most of the ever evolving way clients’ access legal services.


Your web developer will be able to help you work out the best options for setting up a system that allows clients to pay for your services on line, and once in place you can promote this new feature fully across social media and traditional marketing channels.