Make time now to plan for the future security of your family

It’s a difficult question for many of us to even contemplate, but when is a good time to ask yourself “What would happen to my family if I were to die suddenly”?  Would your partner be able to cope with the mortgage and other household expenses?  If so, for how long?

What about if you or your partner became sick and the other became a carer, how would this impact on your finances?

Similarly, if you own a business, would it survive if you, or one of your fellow director shareholders, died or became unable to work?

Research shows that only around a third of people in Britain have a will in place and more than 18 million have never even considered writing one.

A common misconception is that that if you are married you don’t need a will but this is not the case. Joint accounts and shared assets can be frozen if there is no will in place, in case anyone makes a claim on your estate. It can add unnecessary stress, delay and financial difficulties in what would already be an awful situation.

It’s all to easy to think these things happen to someone else.  But we know from experience with our clients that these things do occur and no-one is immune to fate.

Let’s talk about protecting yourself and your business today to ensure that your future is protected as well.

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