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Mission Statement – or statement of purpose?


Twelve months ago I produced a blog on company Mission Statements and their value.  In that time I have worked with many companies – almost all of them claimed that they were clear about what they did; some were clear about how they did it, but when asked why they did it I received a blank expression!


A mission or vision statement is a statement that provides a signpost of where your business aims to be in the future; being future oriented; it should be a stretch for the company to attain it, but at the same time feel achievable – a difficult balancing act!


The mission or purpose should be what gets you out of bed in the morning; it should focus your mind on putting things right.  It should, in short, act as your route map and keep you on track and committed.


Sadly, the alternative to this, as I have found so many times – is an inspiring statement lifted off a search on Google.  Like so many great quotes I see dotted around offices; in theory they are supposed to inspire, when in truth they just meld with the wallpaper.


Your mission statement has to do at least two things (but is not limited to these two points):


  • – It should explain to an external audience what business you are in.
  • – It should be motivational and inspiring; providing an internal audience with a common sense of purpose and focus.


Stick to some simple rules:


  • – Write your own words
  • – Believe in what you have written
  • – Refer to your mission on a daily basis – internally with your team and externally with your customers
  • – Use your mission to drive your decisions
  • – Don’t compromise on your mission


Why is a Mission important?


A well drafted Mission provides clarity of purpose; a common objective (where many objectives exist) and a common language (are we on Mission – assuming of course we all know what the Mission is!).


Don’t compromise – stay focused and committed; convey your passion and believe in what you are trying to achieve and you will achieve it.  After all if you have a dream make it your mission – you will have a greater chance of succeeding.


Philip Dyer is a guest blogger from nxo Strategic Marketing, a national marketing consultancy.  Contact:  0870 754 7755