Make 2013 your most sociable year yet!


2013 is here and it is time to make some new year resolutions. The first being, to get ‘social’.


Usually we focus on resolutions that are centered around our personal life. Resolutions like ‘go to the gym more’, ‘drink less’ and ‘to save more money’. But what about the resolutions we can achieve at work?


Here are some top tips for creating some social media resolutions in 2013.


Get inventive
Your social media doesn’t have to focus purely on sales related messages. Check out the main topics of the day. The world changes pretty quickly and what is news today will soon be yesterdays chip paper, as they say. See what is trending on Twitter. It doesn’t even need to relate to your business. But find a way of relating to your followers.


Say ‘cheese’
Notice something that you want to share? Take a photo and tweet it. Share it with your audience. It will give another dimension to your social media and enhance your brand.


Keep up-to-date
There are always new services and tools on social media networks. Whether that is adding a cover photo, linking Twitter to your Instagram site or being able to tag yourself in places. Keep up-to-date with these tools and use them to your advantage. This will put you ahead of your competition and keep you on track.


The time is now
Social media is about the here and now. Quite literally. Try to make sure you are updating on a daily basis and stay on top of what is current and going on in the world. It is a real-time community so it is important that you treat it that way. As soon as you see or hear something that interests you, tweet it. Don’t be scared.


Get blogging
Start talking to your audience. Share stories, ideas, products, services and tips with them. Give them advice that will help them and let them know how to contact you. Be inventive with your blogs too. They can be fun as well as informative.


Use these tips to help make 2013 your most sociable year yet!