Do you know who you are?

It struck me a few weeks ago whilst attending a client meeting, that it would be helpful to fully understand how my client described himself to his customers; friends; suppliers – the world!


To my surprise he became very coy and explained that he did not like telling people that he is a company director; I obviously asked why.


Confidence was the issue; or to be more precise, a lack of it! This lead me to ask several other clients the same question, and whilst they did not all feel the same now; they had felt that way at some time.


It seems that there is a concern about being perceived as different; a reluctance to stand out, which struck me as ironic given that I spend a lot of my time helping clients define their point of difference. So what did I discover during my thumbnail research?


– Most people in business – regardless of gender, did not see themselves as entrepreneurs.


– They did not like the title company Director; Managing Director or even company owner (eschewing most formal “business like” titles)


So what is in a name?


What matters is what something is, not what it is called.


However, a title informs people, so be confident; if you don’t believe in yourself how will anyone believe in you. I am not suggesting that a title alone will help your business to grow, but it does contribute to the customer’s perception of you and what you do. Like it or loath it, it is also part of the business communities language too. So step up and be proud of what you are doing; you took an idea and started a business – that sounds like an entrepreneur to me.


Philip Dyer


Chairman – nxo Strategic Marketing Network