Is your business ready to grow?


It’s nice to finally have some positive business news in the media after what seems like an age of negativity.  Are there finally signs of lasting green shoots?


I have a number of clients that have been doing well for a while now in this recession but perhaps not shouting too loudly about it, just in case fortunes change.  But as a business you have to ask yourself what is it that is making me ‘hang fire’ with making that investment decision?  Many businesses I talk to are still not ready to perhaps take on that extra risk, or extra debt, to grow the business to the next phase.


I remain optimistic about the future and businesses need to look at themselves internally, within their marketplace, not necessarily external media, to decide if they should now be making that investment for the future.


For those businesses that have had success in growing or now have the ambition to grow their business, perhaps the Growth Accelerator programme is something to consider.  Backed by the government but a service delivered by leading business growth specialists with a proven track record, I have seen how this programme has helped business owners focus successfully on growing their business.


For a small fee, with the balance of the cost being covered by the Government, the programme provides a suitable mentor who, with the business owners, will put in place a personalised growth plan and work with them to achieve that plan.  Once accepted onto the programme you are also eligible for other benefits such as workshops, master classes and access to leadership and management grants.


The programme lasts for 3-6 months and we work closely with the growth specialists to ensure at the end of the programme the momentum is continued.


If you need any further information please contact myself on 01253 404404.




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