Independent examination

New guidance has been issued on the implications of Covid-19 for independent examiners.  This is likely to result in charities being asked for additional information, for example budgets and forecasts  to provide evidence that the charity is a going concern.

The guidance covers five key main areas:

1. Impact of Covid-19 restrictions on access to records and practicalities of completing the work remotely.

2. Access to those in management and control of the charity. 

3. Risk Factors:

a. Change in spending to assist with operational difficulties and whether this is in line with the charity objects.

b. Restricted funds being used incorrectly

c. Difficulty in maintaining financial controls.  With different ways of working there is a risk that the existing controls and procedures are not practical.

d. Risk of misstatement if not accounted for all financial obligations

e. Subsequent Events

f. Going Concern

4. Implications for the Examiner’s Report

5. Sign off and filing of accounts

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